Maldafrica Off Road

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MALDAFRICA is a journey to discover the most beautiful places of Tunisia and Libya.  Going back to the old caravan routes of these two countries, but with modern equipment, we will try to understand what has changed over the years along these important communication routes that include both the big cities on the coastline and the oasis in the huge sea of sand: the Sahara desert.  Times and transportation equipment have changed, but these routes haven't. Since time immemorial, they have maintained their importance until today.  A modern peek at an ancient road, to dust off and retell the history, culture, art and nature of these beautiful and exciting places.

Libya and Tunisia, all over the centuries, have aroused the interest of the Phoenicians, the Romans, the Arabs, the Turks and the European as well as other civilizations. All the major empires, that in the past had established themselves around the Mediterranean Sea, left in these places fascinating remains that still today amaze its visitors.

There are other places as well, which are hard to reach and belong to the less accessible areas. The deserts, oasis, isolated lakes immersed in the sea of sand, petroglyph, volcanoes and the massifs of the Sahara desert, will be the main characters of MALDAFRICA, together with their stories and secrets.


  • 01. Arrival in Tunisia (Genoa,Tunis and Kairouan)
  • 02. Nalut and the first night in the desert (Nalut and the Hamada)
  • 03. The pearl of the desert (Derij and Ghadames)
  • 04. Change of route (The Hamada al Hamra and the great Erg Awbari)
  • 05. The deviation and unforeseen events (Sebah, Al-Awaynat and Ghat)
  • 06. Ghat and the arrival to the Akakus massif. 
  • 07. Cave paintings, Tuareg and the thunderstorm (Akakus, Wan Kaza, Messak)
  • 08. The petroglyphs (Tilemsine, Messak, Erg Murzuq, Wadi Mathendoush)
  • 09. The lakes in the desert, and the nomadic Tuareg peoples (Takerkiba and the Mavo lake)
  • 10. Return to civilization (Gebraoun lake and Germa)
  • 11. A solitary life (Wadi al Hayat, Murzuq and the road towards the volcano)
  • 12. The mosquito pit (Waw An Namus and Mehershema plateau)
  • 13. From the sand to modern roads (Tmissah, Zueila, Sebah and Gharian)
  • 14. Roman remains in Libya (Leptis Magna)
  • 15. The road along the Tripolitania (Leptis Magna, Al-khoms, Tripoli)
  • 16. The Libyan capital (Roman and colonial remains, the cities and mosques)
  • 17. The white bride of the Mediterranean (The Karamanli Tripoli's Medina)
  • 18. The last stop in Libya (The Souq and the city of Tripoli, Sabratha)
  • 19. Return to Tunisia (Ksar Ouled Soultane, Chenini)
  • 20. Strange places (Matmata, Chott el Jerid, Tozeur)
  • 21. The Mountain oasis (Chott el Gharsa, Chebika, Tamerza)
  • 22. From West to East, the Berbers and the romans (Tamerza, Mides, El Jem)
  • 23. Touristic Tunisia (Hammamet and Nabeul)
  • 24. The homecoming (Sidi Bou Said, Tunisi);

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