I CAPULETI E I MONTECCHI (The Capulets and the Montagues)

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Cristina Mazzavillani Muti
Italian - English, Spanish, French Subtitles
Roberto Tagliavini, Valentina Farcas, Paola Gardina
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Live recorded November 2005 in Teatro Alighieri of Ravenna Tebaldo tenor, betrothed to GiuliettaCapellio) Giacomo Patti - Capellio bass (leader of the Capuleti, father of Giulietta Roberto Tagliavini - Giulietta soprano ( in love with Romeo) ValentinaFarcas - Romeo mezzo (leader of the Montecchi) Paola Gardina - Lorenzo tenor (doctor and retainer of the Capuleti Gabriele Spina - - Conductor Pietro Mianiti - Director Cristina Mazzavillani Muti - Chorus master Alfonso Caiani - Scenes and virtual images Ezio Antonelli - Costume designer Alessandro Lai - Light designer Fabio Rossi - Live recorderd at Teatro "Alighieri" - Ravenna (Italy) - Orchestra Lirica I Pomeriggi Musicali - Coro As.Li.Co. del Circuito Lirico Lombardo - Video Director Giovanna Nocetti - Video recording by Vipiemme (Milano) - Postproduction by Produzioni Video (Vigevano)

Act 1

Capellio and Tebaldo  address their followers advising rejection of an offer of peace to be brought by an envoy from Romeo. Tebaldo will avenge the killing of Capellio's son to celebrate his marriage to Giulietta ('È serbata a questo acciaro'). Capellio wants the marriage to take place immediately, brushing aside the objections of Lorenzo (bass) that Giulietta is ill with a fever.

Romeo enters in the guise of a Montague envoy, offering peace to be guaranteed by the marriage of Romeo and Giulietta. He explains that Romeo regrets the death of Capellio's son ('Se Romeo t'uccise un figlio'), and offers to take his place as a second son for the old man. Capellio indicates that Tebaldo has already taken on that role and rejects all idea of peace. Romeo accepts their challenge of war ('La tremenda ultrice spada').

Guilietta  longs for Romeo (in the romanza 'Oh! quante volte'). Lorenzo enters. He has arranged for Romeo to come to her by a secret door. Romeo tries to persuade Giulietta to escape with him, but she resists in the name of family law and honour, declaring that she would prefer to die of a broken heart.

The Capuleti are celebrating the forthcoming marriage. Recognized by Lorenzo, Romeo is in disguise awaiting the support of his soldiers to prevent the wedding. In the tumult following the armed attack by the Montecchi, Giulietta sees Romeo and he again unsuccessfully urges her to run away with him. Capellio and Tebaldo discover them, believing Romeo to be the Montecchi envoy. Giulietta tries to shield him from her father, but he proudly tells them his true name. The Montagues enter to protect him and the lovers are separated by their two factions.

Act 2

Introduced by an arioso for cello, Giulietta awaits news of the fighting. Lorenzo tells her that Romeo lives, but she will soon be taken away to Tebaldo's castle. He persuades her to take a sleeping drug that will make it appear that she has died. He will arrange for Romeo (and himself) to be present when she awakes. Capellio comes to order her to leave with Tebaldo at dawn. She begs her father's forgiveness before she dies ('Ah! non poss'io partire'). Capellio is alarmed and suspects the involvement of Lorenzo. He will have him watched.

Romeo is impatiently waiting for Lorenzo who fails to appear. Tebaldo enters and they have an angry duet ('Stolto! a un sol mio grido'). They fight but are interrupted by a funeral procession ('Pace alla tua bell'anima'). It is Giulietta's. The rivals are united in remorse, asking each other for death.Romeo enters and his companions open Giulietta's tomb. Romeo bids her farewell ('Deh! tu, bell'anima') and swallows poison. Giulietta awakes finding Romeo surprised by her simulated death and unaware of Lorenzo's plan. With great pathos, Romeo tells her that he has already acted to end his life. He dies and Giulietta, unable to live on without him, expires on his body. The Capuleti and Montecchi blame Capellio for the tragedy.


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  • I CAPULETI E I MONTECCHI (The Capulets and the Montagues)
    I CAPULETI E I MONTECCHI (The Capulets and the Montagues)
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