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Travel & Adventure
8 Episodes x 30 mins
SD 16:9
Fabio Bove
Gianluca Genoni
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BLU...is a documentary television format that targets a wide and diverse audience. Its goal is to show, tell and broadcast stories and events that originate from the seabed, coral reefs, etc. This is the main plot and the catalyst of this television broadcast that also gives much space to travel topics and storytelling about the different locations and places.  The artistic and cultural resources of the geographical location, folklore, historical events and the everyday events of the different areas of the world are shown in a realistic way, which is able to appeal to the public. We will show them the most interesting features, as well as the less known ones, that are nonetheless important, of each place located next to islands and extremely white beaches. 

Several episodes of 30 minutes each will provide the narrative content of a long journey to the most fascinating and mysterious corners of the earth.   From one airport to the other, from ferryboat to ferryboat, kilometer after kilometer, Gianluca Genoni together with the two female presenters from BLU...will take us to charming and exotic places to understand the true essence of the sea and the earth.  

The uniqueness of BLU...is that it is a modern and engaging entertaining program, with a strong cultural background: history, entertainment, information and film tourism on the world coasts.  Museums, churches, natural parks and protected natural reserves, documentations of special characteristics of the marine flora and fauna - from whales to killer whales to the marvelous discovery of the black pearls in the South Seas, adding to all this the culinary specialties that are an exclusive characteristic of the world. BLU...is the sum of all this - the goal of this television program is to be able to generally educate about the environment and cultures, as well as about the marine and earthly flora and fauna. It also includes touristic disclosures of fascinating places that are full of important riches.  It shows the potential itineraries and divings that are relevant to those viewers that can derive benefit from it. A truly complete documentary presented in a modern and captivating language that aims at being both a fully entertaining program as wells as an educational broadcast that is culturally valid and that possesses an uncommon quality. 

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