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“Creativity is contagious. Broadcast it.”

(Albert Einstein)


Running TV International follows the client through the whole workflow,

to the final realization of the project.

Two decades of experience guarantees high professionalism

and an attention to details for all creative proposes.

Concept ideation

Ideazione del concept

It’s the initial moment of our work where all clients requests are collected, together with our creativity and the sector study. Our staff experience and effort allow to sketch the guidelines which will be used as referral point in the production phase of the video.

Video production

Produzione Video

To have videos with content and images is necessary nowadays. A solution that allows you to communicate in a direct way with your audience through a full sensorial experience. We dispose specialized operators with professional equipment for effective filming.



We offer video editing service with professional operators on workstations and advanced software. We can also work only on yours shoots or images giving them a professional look, and giving you the film ready for distribution. Vi take care where necessary of voice over, musics and subtitles.



Post-production of a video includes many processes and from it depends the success of the final video. To be specifics, we can integrate at your video headline writing, animated logo, capitation, compositions, 2D\3D animation, color correction and grading.

Voice Over - Sottotitolo

Voice Over - Sottotitolo

We offer subtitles and voice over services in any languages translated by mother tongue translators, voice over and subtitling to videos. We supply the adequate solutions to achieve their goal based on their needs to their videos.



Based on your needs we can supply the videos in all formats or codec for cinemas, television and social network. Moreover, we can realize authoring DVD and Blu-ray, and duplicates from glass master with a wide choice of packaging.

Do you want to distribute your movie?

Vuoi distribuire il tuo film

How many movies, documentaries, audiovisual format are in your portfolio?
Do not leave them hidden somewhere, chose Running TV and distribute your works
An opportunity to grow your talent and be known by a vast audience.

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Are you a filmmaker?

Sei un Filmmaker

Every filmmaker has many projects to realize and Running TV can contribute in the creation and organization of the video. We offer editing and post production services at our own offices, with computers software and professionals.

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Do you have a company?

Hai un'azienda

Communication for a company is fundamental, this is why Running TV offers services such as video production, spot and digitalization of historic archives (films, videotapes, photos and documents).
In a world full of advertisement is useful to create ad hoc videos for products’ promotions for a company to tell their story and to grow their brand reputation. Producing traditional videos for companies with a specific goal to tell the company evolution, tradition and strong points.

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